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We have the experience to ensure your block paving is done properly ensuring a quality finish and long lasting finish.

It is very important to ensure you get the right tradesman when having big jobs done on your home or premises. Don’t just go for the cheapest but do some research yourself. When having a new driveway in block paving or when having block paving in your garden, it is vital to make sure the preparation is done properly. This will ensure that the driveway can withstand the traffic and weight of vehicle so that there is no movement withing the bricks and that the job last for many years without issues.

Here at Warrington Paving, we ensure all of our driveways are laid on a the most adequate base. We make sure the base is compacted with a vibration plate so that the foundation to your block paving is a solid foundation.

There are lots of variety of block paving bricks, including different sizes, different thickness and different colours so making sure you chose the right one for you is important. Warrington Paving can review your premises and advise on the best solution for you, should you need advice..

Warrington Paving have been designing and installing block paved driveways and garden designs for years so we know what we are doing. From weed membranes to the sealing the block paving, we will complete the job to a high standard for you.


Drivesett Tegula Original is the original and most popular ‘aged look’ block paving in the UK, renowned for its lasting high quality look. The variety of sizes and rich colour blends can be used to create a truly individual look.

We had block paving done in our garden last year and it has made such a difference for us. Our old flags were molding all the time and becoming very slippery, especially in wet conditions. The new block paving looks really clean and tidy and requires little maintenance. I cannot be more happy with the job that Warrington paving did for us.

Based in Warrington, we are within easy reach of North West regions so please give us a call 07810 770221. We are here and happy to help !

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